What is the best way to send time entries from Toggl to Airtable using Make.com?

I tried doing this, but found that triggering every 15 minutes on make using a timer would give me all of the time entries after a specific date. I only want to watch for new time entries.

With Zapier, my time entries currently pull in every 2 minutes, and used to pull in every 15 minutes. Zapier also only triggers off of new time entries.

I would love something similar with Make.com but I am not sure what the best scenario setup would be. Here is the current setup:

The filter filters out anything with a tag. The Update Toggl action adds a tag to say it was uploaded. I do not like this method as it has been painful to log time entries without tags. Any suggestions for best practices?

I’ve never used Toggl before, but in general, Make’s “Watch” modules will automatically keep track of the last time that the module ran, and it will only bring in “new” entries since the last time it ran.

If you right-click on the module, you have the option to “choose where to start”. See screenshot below. Maybe that setting is incorrect for you?