What Airtable users think about these new Project Management Related Features

Based on this New Features and Templates for Project Management - Airtable Community.
I’ve some concerns about Airtable and other tools(products).

Airtable’s New Features:

  • Q: Do these features make Airtable competitive with ClickUp, Monday, and SmartSuite? Which tool addresses your project needs best?
  • Q: Were these the most wanted features for Airtable? What features are still missing?

Project Management Tool Comparisons:

  • Q: Which upcoming project management features excite you most across different tools? What are the key differentiators?
  • Q: Are tools focusing on innovation or just mimicking features? What features would truly enhance your project management experience?

Overall Discussion:

  • Q: Do frequent feature updates encourage tool switching? Are the benefits worth the disruption?
  • Q: How can project management tools prioritize user needs and ensure transparency in feature development?


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As someone who has 170k tasks in a ClickUp instance at work and plans to move to an Airtable based system
Before the end of next year this excites me a lot!

ClickUp has its limitations when it comes to larger and more nuanced setups. Airtable on the other hand I can fully customize.

Will our UI for clients have to change? Yes, they currently are all in ClickUp. But I think that will be taken care of by something like noloco.

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