Are OAuth expiring?

Are the OAuth integrations in Airtable expiring? I created integration a while ago and found the integration expired just a few days after I created it. I am no longer using API Keys. The Personal Access Tokens work seems fine but in if I have more than one account from the same service connecting to Airtable it gives me sometimes issues creating connection using the personal access token. So I end up using OAuth. But reading the details it seems the OAuth is just a testing license. So does it mean it has a similar expiry issue as Google Cloud has with their development OAuth? That would be bad and not useable.


I’m not certain, but the way Airtable has implemented their Oauth, if you use an expired access token in a request, it will completely revoke/expire the Connection.

This becomes particularly problematic if you have two independent services using the same Oauth connection but refreshing the tokens themselves, if the services don’t use locks they can very easily revoke the whole connection.

This is at least my experience with it

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That looks like you described exactly what seems the issue is. I’ll see what Make wills say to this.

There is a brief grace period, however. Here is what they say in the docs:

I thought if it is one company connecting to Airtable, they will treat it as such. Maybe because I have 2 Make accounts connected to Airtable. Or maybe Airtable just wants to cut down on excessive use, whatever it may mean, but the Make automations were disabled all the time, actually not used since July. So maybe because there was no automation in the Make account active with Airtable doing poling so it didnt refresh the token and then when I tried to run it suddenly I found out the connection was expired.

Interesting! Yes, perhaps you are trying to refresh the token from conflicting IP addresses.

I built an app for exporting data which connects to Airtable using OAuth integrations. It has the scenario where a user’s refresh token endpoint are being used by multiple requests at once but since they come from the same source the grace period seems to work OK.

What process are you trying to setup?