Small usability trick; using browser automation to populate settings across views

Where is everybody gone? Becoming a lonely place here now.
This was on the list of items that are my person top 10 annoyances. I have dozens of views in some tables and every time I make changes to the table, I don’t want every view look different, different order sorting of fields for instance.

So up to now I had to manually copy the new view setup (e.g. order, visibility etc) to other views.

Well I am hooked up on this Browserview extension for Chrome for automation. It’s fantastic and I found one of great and safe uses is to use to populate the view settings accross.

It even has a paranoid setting to only do step by step automation. I tested and it works great.

I still have to highlight the view I want to populate the settings. But then I press Browserview button and it does the rest.

Saves time and less strain on carpals.

Couple of tips:
Set the URL for the base only. Make sure only one browser window open. selecting elements on the page can be sometime tricky, the key is to select a generic element valid across other tabs but unique enough on the page.

Ha ha! I was thinking the same.

This is precisely why I urged the founders to capture 100% of the Airtable community content to weave a comprehensive knowledge base that would serve as an irresistable attraction.

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It’s a yo-yo economy and as everybody ran through the exit, there is nobody left to water the plants. The plants happen to be the ones of water melons, ready for the next season.

Correction, the browser extension is Browserflow. Not browserview. Just noticed I made an error.