Inattentional blindness - search for views searches views across all tables - Wow, how cool!

Call it Inattentional blindness.

Been Airtable user for 3y now but missed this. I didn’t know you can search for views across all tables and then switch them them … just like that. Just in case others didn’t notice.


Yup. You just have to be careful because if you don’t pay attention, you might change tables when you don’t want to. I tend to have a personal sandbox view in most tables, and I use this search functionality to find my sandbox view. However, occasionally I am in a table that doesn’t have a sandbox view yet (but I don’t know it), and when I search for my sandbox view, I end up going to a different table if I click before doublechecking that it is in the right table.

Yes, I agree with @Kuovonne that this “feature” causes me a lot of ongoing pain.

This is because I usually have a view called “Scott Rose Test” in every single table, so when I’m playing around with filters & sorts when working on clients’ systems, that I don’t mess up any of their existing views.

But if I’m not paying close attention, Airtable will jump me to a completely different table and I’m completely confused for a bit until I figure out what happened.

I really wish they would remove this feature!

Yah that is what I do too.
I have too a sandbox view for every table, the view is called “Triage”. More pharmaceutical-scientific geeky name for the same thing haha.

And every view in every table starts with a short code for the table. If the table is called Inventory, then all views in that table start with INV, following whatever I call it e.g. INV - Triage, INV - Out of stock … etc.

The code galore doesn’t end here. Automations that get triggered by a table, have in their name the same code e.g. INV - … for automation that gets triggered in Inventory table.

Same goes for Extensions.

I like to organize. Airtable is extension of my brain :grinning: