Selenium IDE with Airtable

I did post the question in Airtable forum but I doubt anybody even seen it there.

I am looking to populate text based on the Airtable data and into a 3rd party web-form (e.g. commercial site) and I need to enter text + upload pictures. The challenges with regard to Selenium are multiple so here are a few:

  1. how to get Selenium access data in Airtable and always take the next line (next record) of data

  2. how to upload image to the 3rd party form (could be the form takes a URL or the file must be attached to the form).

  3. Write back to end result into airtable (e.g. success or fail) and also write to airtable the URL of the created finished page after submitting the form (e.g. taking that URL of the published page and save it to Airtable.

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I don’t know what Selenium is, but maybe other people do! Or perhaps you may want to share with us what Selenium is?

I apologize. I forgot I posted here before. My bad. Didn’t check, getting old, need badly replacement, waiting for the AI butler any day in Amazon mail.

Selenium is for web browser based testing automation. However, besides that it is useful to automate tasks in the browser, like macros. I can record interactions with a form or website and then replay the steps. I use it for instance to delete things in batch, if a website doesn’t offer way to do it.

Browser version:

One of the uses is filling forms, however, to do that it requires scripts.

Where I would see use is have Airtable to feed the data and Selenium filling a form (e.g. 3rd party application form).

Once the form is filled in (once the button is pressed and the form is sent), I can reload the form and fill in with the next batch of data.

Haha! No worries! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, that’s very cool! I’ve gotta check this out! Thanks for the links & explanation! It even looks like they’re having a Selenium conference coming this month in my hometown of Chicago!