Safari error only on one Mac

I’m getting an error with my main data list. Strangely it’s only on my iMac running Safari. It worked fine previously but now persists. My DB is fine on other computers running Safari, Chrome, Firefox. My PC users have no errors either.

The alert reads:

  • An error has occurred
  • Refresh the page (this is active and reloads the Safari page)
  • If you continue to experience this error, please contact us.
  • Error: pglK36mK5Yt8nekib

I’ve tried emptying cache but no luck. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error alert which cannot be dismissed.

Any ideas or clues would be most appreciated!


Thank you,

I think the error codes are unique IDs stamp like serial number for the error.

For me this type of error happens if I try to do something by mistake like try to duplicate a table with 100’s of fields and long formulas 20-30k characters and links to a couple of dozen other tables. Also I have seen it in the past if I was making updates to long formulas on a slower machine. So maybe it is not related to your Mac but to the specs?

How large is your base?
Does it happen with a specific base but not others?
You didn’t mention if you tried another browser on that specific machine?
Safari is a fast browser but I find Airtable was optimized for Chrome based browser, so maybe other chrome based browsers… try Brave for example.

Hi @AstroChris,

Does it work in a private Safari browser window? And are you using the newest version of Safari and the newest version of macOS? Be sure to clear all of the website data associated with Airtable, which you said you already did.

Your best bet would be to create a Loom video replicating the problem, and then send the video to Hopefully, they can resolve the error for you.

However, the really bad news that I hate to report to you is that the Airtable engineers do not test Airtable on Safari, even though they claim to support it.

For all intents and purposes, Safari is an unsupported browser.

This has been one of my Top 10 major gripes with Airtable over the last 7 years.

Even though I have reported dozens of Safari bugs to Airtable, they have only fixed ONE of the Safari bugs that I have reported to them. In 7 years. Of me being one of the top Airtable consultants.

I am a huge lover of Safari and a gigantic Mac lover, and I even worked personally with Steve Jobs for 6 years as a freelance public speaker for Apple.

I even created the viral hit video series “Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say”, which was actually very funny & very relevant back in 2012. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But sadly, Airtable’s support for Safari has sunk to new lows in 2023.

In fact, Airtable’s Safari support has become so bad over the last 6 months that just last week, I had to make the painful decision to switch over my entire personal life & business life to using Chrome as my default web browser across all of my devices: Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

I would say that about 95% of Airtable works just fine in Safari, but 95% isn’t enough. Especially if my full-time job is being an expert Airtable consultant. I need 100% of Airtable to work properly, not just 95%.

Unfortunately, Airtable doesn’t seem to be interested in making this happen for Safari.