Airtable started forcing Maintstream browsers only

This sucks!!
Since last 2 days I am getting this yellow bar on top of Airtable and it can not be clicked away. Basically I must download one of the required browsers to use Airtable which is nonsense. I need ONLY be told once. Don’t impose what browser I use. The browse I use is chrome based and it works perfectly FINE. It is updated to a very recent version of chrome engine. If things don’t work or break, okay, I have been warned, once, maybe twice, okay maybe threee times. But enough is enough.




Heck Airtable.

This sucks!!

I know I am a misfit when it comes to browsers and I have a right to be that way. I was informed and that is enough.

Airtable thinks you MUST be using one of these, of find another product:

Well, that sucks.

But I can sympathize with the need to limit the number of supported browsers. Testing on lots of browsers is a huge pain, not to mention coding for them. And the support issue are a pain too. Finally, the developers don’t want to deal with any security issues might crop up in unsupported browsers.

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Are you sure this is about the browser, not the javascript engine running in these browsers? I would contact support for a definitive answer.

Does it matter? Yes - if you know the javascript requirements, you can ask your browser vendor to update.

Perfect. Good suggestion. I do that. And I get also the validation of feeling like an expert when I talk to them :wink: