Real Estate Transaction Management Template Base

Hi All!
If you were at Daretable this year, you saw my ‘5 minute’ presentation on a template base we created designed exclusively for transaction coordinators in the real estate industry.
Our template base simplifies and streamlines the entire transaction process from listing to closing.


  1. Listing Management: Easily input property details, including address, MLS data, and property photos. Keep track of listing status and important dates.
  2. Transaction Timeline: Stay on top of deadlines with our dynamic timeline feature. Never miss an inspection, appraisal, or closing date again.
  3. Document Repository: Centralize all essential documents like contracts, disclosures, and inspections. Collaborate seamlessly with agents, clients, and vendors.
  4. Task Assignments: Assign tasks to team members and set due dates. Receive notifications to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  5. Communication Hub: Communicate with stakeholders directly from the platform. No more digging through email threads!
  6. Checklist Automation: Create customized checklists for each transaction stage. Watch as tasks auto-populate based on transaction status.
  7. Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into your team’s performance, transaction history, and upcoming tasks.

We’ve a created a facebook community of ‘TC Airheads’ for transaction coordinators using airtable (whether or not they have purchased the base).
I invite you to take a look at how we sell this base and even get demo access to it -
If you haven’t seen the presentation, click here to watch

Given Airtables restrictions, there’s only so much I’m able to allow access to within a demo. It’s even harder on us to have to duplicate the base and all the interface links for buttons to work every time some one purchases it. But we’re making it work!

Anyways - take a look, enjoy and if you ever come across someone needing something that fits within the Real Estate realm within Airtable, I’m happy to chat!


Hey @Mplement this looks really impressive! Looks like it would be a huge asset to any Real Estate team.

Have you considered whether turning it into a standalone app with Noloco would be beneficial?

It could make it much easier to manage the different user roles involved in a Real Estate team, and prevent any data input errors by really dialing in the workflow.

(you could also resell this to your clients if you wanted)