Problems creating a report using make and google docs

I am trying to empty the daily operations report to a google docs template, for this I am using make and with the aggregator array I extract the information and get my debtri records from the bundle, when I want to empty it to google docs I get a report for each of the boundle that are generated in the array. How do I do it so that everything that is left in the array is reflected in a single google docs report?

On the other hand, how do I define a formula in make to allow me to select by a specific date?
Thanks for your support

Your screenshot is showing all of the “inputs” into the array aggregator, which represents all the records (i.e. bundles) that are coming in from your “search records” module.

But the “output” of the array aggregator will be a single array that you can use elsewhere, such as a Google Docs document.

However, Make offers a few other aggregators that might be better suited for inserting into a Google Docs document.

Check out the screenshot below. If you click on the “Tools” icon at the bottom of the screen, you will notice that you have the choice of “Table Aggregator” and “Text Aggregator”. These can be very helpful when inserting multiple records into a single document.

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many thanks @ScottWorld .I already tried with text aggregator but the result does not satisfy me because you put everything in a single line and there is no possibility to format it and in some cases the text is misaligned, in some cases, besides I can not find how to group by concepts. I will try the table one to see how it works.
Look, this is the result that I got with text aggregator
2023-08-29 11_31_23-reporte txt aggregator - Google Docs

Yes, you can format the text with HTML tags (and possibly markdown tags too, although I’ve never tried that before).

Turn on the “Advanced Settings” and it asks you what you want to use as the “Row Separator”.

So you can put in carriage returns like this <p> or line breaks like this <br> or any other HTML tags that you’d like.

See screenshot below.

Perfect, many thanks I will try it and get back to you with the result!!!