Parsing Excel Data with Strikethrough text

Hey all,

Both Airtable and Excel support strikethrough text - but… :sob:

Here we have my data in both Airtable and Excel;

The Airtable Long Text field with Rich Text formatting supports partial strike-through text. But, upon copying cell data that also contains partial strike-through text from Excel into the Airtable field, it fails to register any of the text with the strike-through formatting.

However, if I double-click the Airtable field to then type/manually enter in text input field, if I copy in the Excel Cell at this point, the text with its partial strike-through format copies as desired (!!!) … but with countless amended data, manually processing Excel strike-through text one cell at a time is absolutely not an option - I need this task to be automated.

Exploring the Airtable Excel file import, I get good vibes right until this.

What the heck, really Airtable? You’ve not enabled Rich Text formatting for Excel import - the one thing I needed! :sob:

I fear that this particular problem has me defeat. A side note - yes, I hear you - that revising documents with strike-through text is a bad idea, and this is another conversation that I’ll have with my client - as I too believe that strike-through text simply shouldn’t be used. But I’m also preparing a solution regardless, as at this stage I don’t know if their process is unchangeable and I will still have to work with this data - alas, if Airtable can’t do this process then I’ll need to find another way. I’m thinking Excel itself may have a trick up its sleeve that I’ll review now - but I’m all ears for anyone who’s met this challenge before.

Oh, almost forgot, the desired output/return is obviously this;

Has anyone had to process countless rows of partial strike-through text in Airtable? Please, do tell me a story! :coffee:

Chat GPT to the rescue, thankfully VBA can parse such data and return the desired result. A shame that this can’t be tackled Airtable side and with the Scripting Extension. :frowning: