Sell Access To Datebase

Are there other options other than Noloco to provide users access to the base without them having access to copy the base just too access it and charge a subscription to access the base? Each user will need access to the same base. However, their personal information is only accessible to the individual base they log into. This is something I’m trying as an MVP to obtain product fit.

A service that is too expensive without paying clients will be challenging to maintain financially.

Can you define Access?

Are they adding their own data, and viewing only what they added?

Can they add other users to view their collective data?

Is it all view-only?

Softr is what we used in the past (also to show product fit before moving to custom coded platform) and has ability to do what you’ve mentioned.

You connect an Airtable table of users to Softr, and you can set permissions and conditionality based on fields in Airtable (ex: “Paid Subscriber”). Users can view, edit, and create data based on any type of condition. It can all use the same database to build pages and you can show users just their own data.

I list a few third party portal systems here.

If users only need read-only access, you can also consider using an Airtable interface.

If you need paid users to be completely self-serve and gain/loose access without manual intervention, that can be a bit tricker but is possible with integrations.

I have previously developed some solutions for publishing Airtable bases to an audience based on a subscription basis. It worked well at the time but then ran its course and I’ve not seriously pursued keeping it updated due to a number of factors I won’t elaborate on here. The app for that is still available and is called Paytable.

I want them to add their own data and view only what they have added. Yes they will be able to allow other users to view their data.

They are external users added to my account right now.

They need to add their personal information to the base.
I want to create a monthly subscription to use the Base. I need them to gain and lose access and not copy the base and discontinue access.