Omnibox searching for Interface

I have a couple interfaces I use for work, and often need to be able to find information quickly while I’m on the phone with a citizen. I found it cumbersome to have to search several fields, one at a time, to find what I was looking for. So I created an “Omnibox” field for searching.

The first thing I did was identify the fields I was searching the most, or would likely search in the future. I created a new field called “Omnibox”, made it a formula, and concatenated all the fields I wanted to search, with a space between each one.

Next, I added a filter to my interface. I connected it to the grid, and set the Data filter to show records where ‘“Omnibox” contains “________”’


Hit publish, and Viola! I can search the entire grid for whatever I need.

In this particular use case, I’m searching for plow and salt requests from citizens. This helps me verify a request exists, helps identify potential duplicates, and I quickly can check by address, issue, who was dispatched, who took the call, what route the request is in, etc.

You’re limited by your imagination here. Hope it helps someone.


This is a great technique that I have used with portals. One additional suggestion is to set up your filter with multiple conditions for the same {Omnibox} field so that people can search for records that contain a combination of terms that are not consecutive. For example, you might want to find a record that contains “happy” and “February” but the two words do not occur as a phrase.

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That’s a great suggestion. I haven’t run across a situation where I need to be able to do that so far, but may add one additional condition for that very reason. Thanks!

This is such a fantastic tip, @TSullivan! Almost everybody could benefit from this sort of implementation! Thank you for sharing this ingenuity with us!! :smiley: :raised_hands: