Launch Make webhooks without opening the browser

I have several buttons with URLs that launch webhooks from Make.
Everything works great so far, except for that annoying browser tab that opens and I have to close each time.
Is there a way to trigger webhooks using a button without it opening the “accepted” tab?


Sometimes that can be helpful because you can have Make deliver a custom webhook response in the browser window.

But for no new tab windows at all, switch from a button to a single-select field and then trigger this automation script:

I’ve been using Elgato’s streamdeck for this purpose, you can set it to do a webhook in the background. Works great!

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We use the webhook response and send a window.close() script as the body of the response and that closes the window that opens :wink:


This is a great trick! Although I’ve only been able to get this to work with Chrome. I haven’t been able to get this to work with Apple’s Safari.

It concerns me to think that anyone uses Apple’s Safari :wink:

  • (Written on my Macbook Pro)

Lol! I know, right? :joy: Especially since Airtable doesn’t fully support Safari, I have to do most of my Airtable development in Chrome anyways!

Although I find a few of Safari’s features so much better than Chrome. I love Safari’s pinned tab features much better than Chrome’s pinned tabs. I also love the integration with Apple’s Messages app. I also like their bookmark & tab syncing a little better than Chrome, too. And the iPad version Safari is so much smoother than Chrome for iPad.

I’ve tried Chrome for iPad, and I keep going back to Safari on my iPad. For a while I tried using Chrome on my iPad to run a custom extension in Airtable on my iPad, but I gave up.

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