Script to open multiple URL links in mutliple tabls?

Anybody seen around a script to open a link saved in Airtable field? I would adapt it, if I can, to open multiple links from multiple fields (for same record) and open them in individual browser tabs. Is something like that possible?

I understand script can’t open a link, but wondering if I could somehow click on the generated link to open multiple windows the way this post describes it works for JS?

Scripting doesn’t have access to the window object, and it cannot use <a href links with click events. Scripting can only show markdown links. So the methods you linked to won’t work in Scripting.

Looks like another usecase for Selenium automation then

I love questions like this because I can say, “I told you so …” to @itoldusoandso. LOL It’s also not a rare business requirement - data grids often provide user benefits when they interoperate with binary (PDF, Word, etc) and also HTML documents.

In any case, Coda actually supports (n…) embedded browsers in a single document page since they released the full-width canvas. As you may know, different fields in a table can have new document canvases, and each canvas can have separate browser instances/tabs. This makes it possible to render a collection of browser tabs as needed in an application UI.

The analogy in Airtable would be multiple iFrame-like fields designed to show browser instances programmed through script, buttons, or Interfaces. Coda makes this possible with little effort, whereas, Airtable has no concept of an HTML field type based on code or HTTP addressing. A real shame.

Yes I looked at Coda just when I started with Airtable and I like that product but it was more effort to setup. Looking at Airtable felt like I don’t know to cook but I am standing hungry in grocery store in front of deserts section and people are piling behind me looking at me to move on. Airtable nailed human fears and desire to put things into boxes. To use Coda I would need to walk before I can run. With Airtable, I would just crawl and still feel like a big guy.

I solved this by creating a concatenated rich text field and used a browser extension to open all links in new tabs. So it’s okay as workaround for now.

Haha! Yes! It’s the difference between a cupboard full of ingredients, and food.

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