Is there any reason why wouldn't enable by default in the option to use column ID for mapping?

Use column ID instead of column name for mapping. This enable persistency over column name change. Changing this value will break all existing mappings in this scenario.

This option is turned off by default. Why isn’t it on if it helps preserving connection on name changes in Airtable fields.

On the other hand, what (if any) are the negative implications having this enabled?

As per tradition in Make/Integromat, their user guides have gaps.


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Curious about this too, never turned it on but I might if someone has a good reason.

The reason this isn’t turned on by default is because it makes it SIGNIFICANTLY more difficult to troubleshoot your scenarios after they have run, because all of the inputs, outputs, and logs will ONLY show you the field ID’s instead of the field names.

So if you’re trying to figure out where something went wrong in a scenario, you’re going to have to try to translate field IDs into field names all on your own in Airtable. This can be done, but Airtable makes it way more complicated & challenging than it needs to be.

In Airtable, I usually add a little lock emoji :lock: before the names of the fields that I don’t want my clients to rename, and I train them on what that lock emoji means.


Can’t you just restrict in Airtable user against renaming fields? That was my idea when I looked at some bases of other people and I have see they use the lock sign by the field name. I know you can put any emoji there but somehow I thought it’s an Airtable function. Maybe should be something Airtable does if it it doesn’t do already.

Editors can’t rename fields, but creators can:

Emojis for the win!

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