Is there a way to add Time, without date, field option

Hi, I found a post on the airtable community that sort of answered my question, Is there a way to add Time, without date, field option.
Here is the thread: Time (without date) field option - Airtable Community

None of the answers were exactly what I wanted, and curious if this community knows another workaround.

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Since Airtable does not support a native time field without a date, the workarounds in that thread are your options.

  • use a single line text field
  • use a duration field
  • use a single-select field

To combine the time with a date, use DATETIME_PARSE(). You will also likely need to deal with timezone issues by adding an offset (which might change depending on daylight savings time).

If you use a text field or a duration field, you may also need to deal with invalid data.

Regarding the time zone issues that @Kuovonne mentioned, my sample base & training video might help you too: