Interface permission question

Hi - My client is on the Pro plan and has multiple employees in their company that are either Editors or Creators within their base. I’m about to publish an executive dashboard that they only want 2 people within the org to be able to see, but I’m hitting a problem because when I try to edit the interface permissions, I get a message saying that I can’t edit a collaborator’s permission level because they are in the base with editor permission (see screenshot). Is there no way to share an interface with only owners or creators or even with specific users, but NOT share it with users who have base access as an editor?
Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 10.12.05 AM

I believe that at the Pro Level, setting up a separate workspace is necessary to effectively restrict access. Granular permissions might not be available in this case. Alternatively, if you can make changes at the base level, you could sync the tables containing information to another base and create interfaces there, granting access only to specific individuals.

The reason you can’t secure an interface when people have access to a base is that they inherently have access to the information. Hiding it from them wouldn’t make sense.

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Thanks for your response. While I see why one would think that if they can see the underlying data, there’s no sense in hiding an interface from them, there actually are scenarios when one would want to do exactly that. For instance, my client has editors that edit content that’s tracked in Airtable. But, the executive team wants to see productivity metrics about how much content is getting edited and by whom, and they don’t want the editors themselves to be able to see this comparison, as it could create an unhealthy dynamic in that team. While the editors might be able to see the data and if they took enough time, figure it out themselves, it’s unlikely anyone will do that. This is an example of where it would be helpful to be able to create an interface and share it with only certain users.

An option might be to build the dashboard interface page and then hide it from the navigation, giving the correct users access via the direct URL. This doesn’t stop an editor from accessing if they end up with the URL, but the odds of this are extremely low if the URL is kept protected. Also, since they won’t know it exists, they have no reason to seek it out. You would have to decide if the small risk is worth taking.

I have also used the “current user’s email” permissions in interface views to only show records to certain users that have access to the interface, but I don’t believe this will work in your case.

Can you sync the data to a different base and create the interface in that base? Grant access to the synced base to only those who should have access to the dashboard.


Yes, @kuovonne. I think this is the only fail-safe way to do it. I’m hopeful interfaces will continue to evolve to eliminate this workaround, but until then, it’s what I’ll have to do.