Interface - long text field - jumps to top when copy/pasting

Whenever I copy/past something or add a URL to a piece of text in a long text field in an Interface, the long text, whenever long enough, jumps to the top of the screen, forcing me to scroll down again. I’ve sent a message to Airtable support about this some months ago, but don’t see any improvements.

Anyone else with this issue?

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Three big clients have complained about exactly this. I don’t think Airtable regards this as a bug and likely because they couldn’t do much about it anyway. Because it’s a field, I don’t think they have any sense of where the cursor is.

The answer is that a long text field (in Airtable) is really just a text field with a higher limit and some formatting features. Text fields tend to have this behaviour.

Ideally, Airtable would change this to a canvas object where events could be handled by Airtable or by developers and cursor location would always be exposed in the event model. I don’t see this in the cards.

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This may be related to another problem I had a few weeks ago with the “Field description” field. When the field notes were too long (below and above the visible box size) and when I would past into it text from clipboard, the description would jump back to top of the description field and I would need to scroll down back to where I pasted the new element of the text. This started about 1 month ago.

This week it was fixed and no longer have the issue. Never received a response to support email though. So maybe resent them a message and post also on their official Airtable forum maybe the staff will see.

The issue is bag and even worse. Is it just me having issue with the Description of a field? Now every time I try to edit existing description, the cursor just jumps at the end of the description. I can’t edit existing text. And when I past the text it also jumps to the end.

This is specifically in Description field. I have not had the issue described above with Long text field. But from what is described here the issues are similar if not related.

Wondering if I have installed something ugly or what is happening. This is MacOS and Chrome so not to argue whether it has viruses or not but I am starting to have doubts about what is going on.

Not just you. I was having this problem today too.