Synced tables and Interfaces

Hi guys, going nuts over this. I can’t select synced tables in Interfaces without Airtable crashing. Does anyone else encounter the same issue?

Hmmm… I am not currently having that problem. I just dragged a synced table grid onto my interface and published the interface, and it worked okay.

Can you tell me what steps you’re taking on your end, and I’ll try to reproduce on my end?

What I’m selecting here is a synced table:

Ah, I see… you’re adding a Record Picker to your Interface, and then the Interface crashes when you choose the Record Picker!

And – drum roll please — yep! I am seeing the exact same crashing problem on my end! :disappointed_relieved:

This seems like a major bug! I would report it ASAP to, but the problem is that they haven’t been responding to support requests in a timely manner. I haven’t heard back from their support team at all in February, and others are complaining about lack of responses as well.

I just posted about this bug in the Airtable Consultants Slack channel — hopefully someone from Airtable HQ will escalate it internally.

Yes, reported this just now to Airtable.

Airtable support is incredibly slow. Many of my clients are waiting for answers :confused:

Sorry to hear about the crash. :frowning:

And ditto on the slow response. Back on the 16th I submitted a Loom video showing some issues with various elements in interfaces. The video was just viewed for the first time today.

Apparently this is fixed now!

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Woo hoo! Yep, it works on my end now, too! :smiley: