How do you create LinkedIn video posts from Airtable using Make

I’m having trouble setting up the module for LinkedIn video posts and LinkedIn photo posts in Make from Airtable.

I got LinkedIn text only posts working without issues. It’s just video and photo posts for LinkedIn. (I also didn’t have any issues do multimedia posts on Facebook and Instagram using Make).

I first tried just adding the URL to the Video field but that didn’t work.

I also tried adding a previous HTTP module that downloads the video first but even a small video was above the file limit for the HTTP module.

Any help would be appreciated!

What is the error message that you are getting?

Are your video posts exceeding LInkedIn’s limits? On this page, it looks like they have pretty strict limits:

Video File Size Specifications

The following are the high-level specifications for video file sizing:

  • Length: Three seconds to 30 minutes
  • File size: Between 75kb and 200MB
  • File format: MP4

I’m not sure what the image limits are.

The error I get is “The operation failed with an error. PROCESSING_FAILED Uploaded file is corrupted” but the video is fine. When I run the same workflow to Instagram, it works just fine.
The video I’m testing with is 8 seconds, 6.3MB, and an MP4.

I figured out the issue. The free version of Make only allows file downloads of up to 4MB while the paid version seems to be 100MB. That’s still very small for most videos so not sure if there are any workarounds there.

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Wow! I’m glad you figured out the solution, because you had me stumped! :upside_down_face:

Does LinkedIn require you to send them the entire MP4 file itself, or can you just send them the link to a video file that is hosted elsewhere — and then let LinkedIn’s API download it? I’m assuming that only the former is true… otherwise, you wouldn’t have had these problems to begin with!

Haha yes it’s as you say. Other social media accounts let you provide the URL which makes it easy, but LinkedIn API doesn’t, or at least if it does I’m not sure how. If you see my screenshot, it’s asking for the video. It’s not clear what I need to provide there but the URL to the hosted file did not work.

Yeah, it sounds like it’s expecting the file binary itself, which can be done with Make. But it sounds like the file size is the main problem. Thanks for figuring out the solution!

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