Export Airtable base, table & views as XLSX (Excel files)

Hey Airtable users :wave:t3:

I’ve been working with clients as an Airtable consultant for the past few years (mostly in the European market) and this is a very common request I get.

Therefore I built the following 3 “plugins” for my platform AirPlugins

There are also other Airtable plugins available.

Feel free to PM me if you have any question, suggestion or request on these plugins.


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Thank you Florian!

…“gives you a link to click (& store somewhere) so you can export data anytime”

Very nice.

I wish more Airtable plugins were making use of this nifty way to execute the plugin from a link, not just opening it.

And I am not in France or Europe but the Enrichment plugins are very nice too.

I think I may give a try also the Google maps auto-completion.

Thank for sharing.

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From the Address autocomplete plugin:
I noticed you missing State / Province.

@itoldusoandso Thanks for the feedback

Yes, I tried to make is as “generic” as possible. So generated URLs can be visited by end-users (buttons, links, …) but also called by Make/Zapier/Scripts/…

This is only valid for 1 click integrations.
The address autocompletes will not work that way as it requires an additional user confirmation about “which address is the right one”

I’ll fix that for missing State/Province and confirm when it’s deployed.
I did forget about it as I am in Europe myself and postal code + city is usually enough for an address to be “valid”.

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Hello @itoldusoandso, quick update to let you know that Province/State has been added to the Address Autocomplete plugin :ok_hand:

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