Embed Extension Dynamic URL

I believe there isn’t any solution to this but just wondering if anybody came across ideas?

The Embed extension only accepts a static URL, so I can’t make it a dynamic Url which would be generated from the base URL plus a record specific string.
This would allow me to run e.g. query in the sidebar where extension is.

Try the button field - Preview URL action

Almost. But they only allow specific URLs.

Looking at the custom extensions I am seeing there the Url-Preview extension. So I thought I will install it as custom extension to see if it can be tweaked, but it was just curiosity, why would it work, if it did, others would have found it out already.

Anyways for some reason I can’t figure out to get the block running.




Firewall disabled. Not sure what am I doing wrong. But anyways, likely not going to work unless I have something built custom but I can’t even get any custom block working, same error. Will need to look into this more.