DareTable 2023!

DareTable 2023


Woo hoo!! Very exciting! Who’s planning on going??

I’ve put in my application to be a speaker. The hard part is deciding what topic to speak about. There are so many possibilities.

:frowning: Unfortunately no STREAMING is announced at this date… :frowning:

"#Will this be streamed or available online?

Streaming provides a layer of complexity and cost that we are still working out. This event is IN-PERSON only for now. If we can arrange to stream, we will sell tickets for that separately."

So papers & discussions could encounter risk to stay quite confidential ?


No streaming yet. Can you elaborate what you mean by “So papers & discussions could encounter risk to stay quite confidential ?”?

Ill be there!

Cant wait to come back home

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Sorry, I’ve probably reached the limit of thinking in French when I write in English.
I wanted to say that if someone can’t pay for a seat for a streaming formula,
because there is no such thing as streaming,
that person (me?) might not find the essence of what was shown, said
during a conference or another if no one kindly takes care of it
and as long as it is legally possible to exhibit content from a paying event
in another place whose members are used to share their knowledge generously
by offering their time and also their money like here.
Both formulas exist and I have no opinion about paid events,
I just think that I would have liked to pay for a streaming place to be able to enjoy all the contents
filmed and streamed + possible meta-documentation, links etc…


Thank you for the feedback! We will certainly make an effort to set up streaming with Airtable. Lots of inquiries for it. We have until May to do so!