Charts in Interfaces: difference between distinct & count?

In Interfaces, has anyone been able to figure out the difference between “Distinct” and “Count”? (See screenshot below.)

Airtable has no documentation on this, and I haven’t seen it make any difference on my charts.

I was going to open up a support ticket about this, but I thought I would ask here first! :slight_smile:

I haven’t be using interfaces much recently, but my guess would be that “Count” would give a count of all values (including duplicates) but “Distinct” would be the number of different values.

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Ahh, very interesting deduction there! Since I didn’t have any duplicates, that could be why both numbers were the same for me. I’m going to play with this some more and I will report back with my further findings! Thank you for this idea!

Yep, had the same question! @Kuovonne her input makes sense :upside_down_face: