Bubble plugin change from API key

Any idea when bubble plugin is going to move to OAuth? I’m running a CRM from bubble and Airtable and I’m slightly scared that the whole thing will break post Feb 2024.

Welcome to the community, @Webfliccy! :slight_smile:

The vast majority of apps (probably 90% or more) haven’t switched over to OAuth yet, because Airtable just announced it recently and it requires a relatively major overhaul of the underlying programming code.

On2Air is one of the first companies that I’ve heard of in the Airtable ecosystem that has already switched their apps over to OAuth, but they’re definitely the outliers at this point — they’re the ones leading the pack. Even major players like Zapier and Make haven’t made the switch yet.

So I wouldn’t worry too much — one year is plenty of time for app companies to switch over to OAuth, and once they do, it will be a very simple switch on your end to switch over to the new OAuth authorization.

However, just to be sure, you may want to send an email to Bubble to make sure that they’re aware of the February 2024 deadline for switching over to OAuth.