Auto-update from one table to another

I have a Form that creates a new record when a calf is born. That record contains the name of the calf’s mom/Dam. I also have a table with all cattle/Dams including a field titled Last Calved. I would like the “Last calved” field of the calf’s mom/Dam record to automatically update with the new calf’s date of birth each time she has a calf. How do I do this? Everything I’ve tried returns “configuration error”

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Can you post screenshots or a Loom video of your setup?

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So you would want a table of the mothers and then link the calf to the mother. Then in the mother table do a rollup of the birthdays and have it display the maximum value for the most recent calf.

So two tables, one for the mothers and one for the calfs.

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All cattle are in the same table, like a pedigree table, right?

I would have two same-table links. One that links to the dam and another that links to offspring.

Then use my same-table-backlinks automation script to fill in the link to offspring when you set the dam. (Or if you don’t want to pay for the automation script, you can manually fill in the linked record fields.)

Finally, for {Last Calved}, use a rollup of the linked offspring’s birthdate using MAX(values).

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