Automations: update record action > "update record from template"

I was killing automations due to the new feature that lets us set default values to single select fields and saw a new config field in an action step!

“Update record”
“from a template” or
“using specific fields”

I don’t use the templates functionality much, but this seems like a nice addition.

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I do not have this option — how do you get it, and what are your choices in that dropdown menu?

No idea, just appeared. Do you have the “record templates” option under Tools? Maybe it’s part of that?

"from a template” or
“using specific fields”

No, I don’t have that under Tools, so it must be linked to that. Thanks!

Neither do I. Would you mind showing us these new features? And do we know if they’re for Pro Accounts?

Sounds like either A/B testing, or participation in a Beta.

It will be tied to the “record templates” feature that was in beta a while back. I see that it says “in development” now. I gave them feedback on why I should create templates for record fields that I then manually need to apply, when I can just create an automation that does the same. Maybe they’re building on that?


That’s what you get when you don’t inform your beta testers :man_facepalming: Typically Airtable…