Fillout forms and airtable - updating multiple tables

I have created a form using fillout and and added a forms table in airtable

How do I auto update the client table, services table, etc

I would appreciate any assistance

Hi, I’m not quite sure exactly what you want to do but:
I don’t see that you need a specific Form table - Fillout can update an already existing table (probably Projects or Clients).
Also Fillout can update a linked record

Thank you for your response - I have multiple tables based upon the client response that need to updated - can fillout update multiple tables
i was reading this article which uses an automation is that necessary ?

It depends - if you have a linked record in Table A (that is linked to Table B), then you can use the “Create Records” option in Fillout to update Table B.
Fillout is brilliant but their explanations in the help docs (I find) hard to follow.
They do have a video on the “Create Records” option which is not too bad.

You also can make an automation in Airtable to update records on trigger New Form Entry