Airwalker beta (free) is now live!

I’m excited to be able to invite the TableForums community to the beta release of my product Airwalker.

Airwalker is a toolkit which I’m building to allow developers to more easily create reliable Airtable API integrations.

:test_tube: Features

Base timeline - a timeline of your base schema changes

Logging - a log of all your requests to Airtable & whether or not they were successful

Edit & replay - a user interface for retrying failed requests

TypeScript support - automatically maintained types custom to your Airtable bases

(BONUS) Patched airtable.js type fixes - GitHub - airwalker-io/airtable.js

I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

Join the beta for free


Not the kind of feedback you were hoping for, but consider this:

  • In a country where more than half of adults are age 50 or older, the term “walker” has a negative connotation.
  • Walkers are devices that equate to slow or sluggish behaviour.
  • Those who need “walkers” are perceived as mobility challenged.
  • I’m old and likely biased; would appreciate some younger people to weigh in on my comments.

It’s a cute name but not cute enough to overcome the drawbacks (IMHO). Changing a name early in the lifecycle is far easier than later.

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Personally, I did not have any negative connotations with the word “walker”.

Airwalker made me immediately think of Luke Skywalker, which has positive Star Wars connotations for me. :slight_smile:


Skywalker was my first connotation as well, lol

Young people see what they want to see just as older people see what they want to see. 50% are old; 50% are young. If I were picking, I’d search for something with no specific connotation.

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Every time @bfrench calls me young, I love him more & more! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha! But wait, it’s all relative. I have 50-year-old kids who are “young(er)”.

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I appreciate you mentioning bias, and I do hope you recognize how much ageism and ableism played into your feedback, as it only focused on the negative perceptions commonly shared by non-disabled people in response to aging and disabilities.

Walkers enable people–from children to adults–to do things they otherwise could not do! It sucks that accommodations have a negative perception in our society when they have such a positive impact on people’s lives! For example, my 28yo bff loves her walker because it means she can bop around the MN State Fair with our friend group, while more generically a 65yo might appreciate how a walker enables them to maintain a level of independence or simply go outside for walks with grandkids. What should be seen as empowering gets twisted into weak, other, slow, etc.

Please don’t interpret this as an attack on you, it isn’t!!! This is so pervasive throughout our society, I saw an opportunity to share another perspective on “walkers” and biases in a safe space with fellow Airtable fans.

Apart from the accessibility component of the name, I immediately thought of the phrase “walk before you run,” which I hear so often in corporate world when referring to new ideas, projects, learning something new, etc.

A nod to accessibility, a nod to helping users do something new or hard in an easier way, and also hits a beloved pop culture reference, that’s a great name to me.

Thanks for sharing, @goksan! Will check it out as I am a newbie to this aspect of development.

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Thanks @kmessmerized! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or feedback :slight_smile:

You have managed to conflate the name’s marketing appeal for different generations with something much larger. My comments are solely intended as demographic facts that one might use to determine if a name is good or poor at attracting customers.

Yes, it does. But that is not my intimation or my observation as it pertains to my comments. Words have meaning and sometimes they reflect different emotions with different generations. That’s my observation. Nothing more.

Your observations are valid! I was lamenting the societal influences that make them so valid, apologies if that is not how it came across. Pros/cons and positive/negative associations with every name.

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