Airtable and Bardeen?

Looking for anyone who has used Bardeen with Airtable and what you did with it. I’m curious - did it help you created sustainable workflow productivity?

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:wave: @bfrench

up until late last year, bardeen was great.
i used the scraper extensively to populate into airtable for workflows in e-commerce.
they were very helpful in the beginning and even helped me set up (had an hour long zoom meeting with one of their devs pro bono) and following that, the marketing ceo (guy who does their youtube videos) emailed to ask for a meeting for feedback and how they can build bardeen for users like me as i was apparently top 1% of bardeen users LOL.

these days, both the scraper and airtable components are buggy and unusable.
ive asked their team extensively since nov 22 for updates and fixes on their slack, but just get ignored. im on the hunt for a new product.
how are you finding it these days?


Indeed, and likely because of changes in Airtable and its new API token system and the introduction of oAuth. But setting aside these possible issues, scraping is a brittle science; it comes with an element of near-constant watchfulness and maintenance. The cost of doing anything using rendering assumptions is likely to be higher than first anticipated.

Before going in any direction on this thread, I’d like to know what [exactly] is failing for your given objectives with Bardeen?

I find it pretty stable but I tend to craft integrations using the HTP POST and GET components. Maybe that’s the route you should take with Airtable integration.

I also have a very stringent test and design regimen that rules out failure; my stuff has to be bullet-proof or I don’t lean on it myself or for my clients.

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