Airtable Support Response Times

People have been complaining about receiving much slower support times from Airtable lately.

I have experienced the same thing myself — I have yet to receive any responses from my support tickets over the last few weeks — and I’m supposed to be getting Enterprise Support!

In fact, not only are they taking much longer to respond, but it also looks like they might not be responding at all to support tickets, unless you respond to their new automated email to let them know that you still need help.

See screenshot below.

Although, even after responding to this email, I’m still waiting for a response. (Also, it is interesting to note that I’ve only received this new automated email for a few of my support tickets — not all of them.)

On the positive side, we’ve got TableForums, where our amazing community members give each other quick & excellent Airtable technical support! :smiley: :raised_hands:

I received the same email for an issue I sent to Enterprise support as well.

Two and a half weeks later, they finally got back to me… with an incorrect answer.

Welcome to the community, @MatthewLanni!

This is really disappointing news. :cry:

Yeah, I’ve been waiting to hear back from them on my earliest support ticket since February 8th, which is 20 days ago. And I’ve been busy reporting bugs to them… problems that are actually making their platform not work properly!

They would be much better served by including a link to TableForums in their auto-replies, since we have a ton of experts here who are eager to help — AND who give the correct answers!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think they are cutting staff. Unfortunately most IT businesses do this right now and Airtable wouldn’t be much different, they are not business critical for many companies, so perhaps many cut the number of licenses. The most recession proof are the boring businesses like accounting and ERP software, they always get through all the bumps and let very little support personnel go. But they are not as excitable places to work either.

They did it : 20% of Airtable Staff were cut in december 2022 :frowning:


A UK enterprise client sees up to five weeks to get support responses.

My internet provider also cut, even though they made billions during pandemic and now still continue to make profits albeit lower. Now waiting 3 hours on the phone even I pressed the option for new customer sale. It’s not only software companies. Economic prudence are one thing and greediness is another.

Of all the companies that could benefit from a customer-facing support system based on ChatGPT, Airtable sits at the top of this pile.

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