Airtable data visualizations or data analysis frustrations?

Hi there - I’m working on a tool that is like if Airtable and PowerBI or Tableau had a kid :slight_smile: but want to make sure I’m building something that actually helps people out and isn’t just a clone of Airtable.

When it comes to your Airtable workflow that includes data visualization/graphs and data analysis, what do you like? What do you dislike and have to put more work into or create workarounds?

I appreciate your thoughts on this.


Being able to create a trendline in a graph would be nice.

A trendline??? Let’s not get ask for the world :laughing:

What kind of work are you doing where adding a trendline would be helpful?

Revenue and sales graphs for a client :man_shrugging:

Hi Tony and welcome to the forum.

Your efforts are noble, but here’s my caution.

Last I checked, Chart.js could create approx 390 different charts with a whopping 21,500 different configuration settings. If you start down this road, buckle up. The trend line is one feature and users will badger your project to death with requests.

Airtable made a fundamental misstep when it decided to build out data visualizations as an integrated extension. The smarter approach is to spend all that time and money on an open-source plugin for any charting platform. Vega-Lite was their first step in this direction. They never followed through with full support for Vega or d3.

My advice still stands after waiting almost a half decade for killer visualization features. Invest in the integration, not the underlying data visualization machinery. The machinery has been done 15 times and there are clear winners.

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Yikes Chart.js like Pandora’s box.

Okay sounds like the killer viz feature you wanted never showed.

Would you be open to chat about combining productivity applications + data visualization?

As a potential provider of charting features you need to yourself - how did d3 and other data visualization frameworks become so massive and complex?

The answer is that no single visualization feature set will ever be ideal for most users or most use cases. This is a very difficult business to earn profits.

Let’s be clear. I didn’t want any visualization features. I wanted a plugin architecture that would make it easy to pull in arbitrary visualization libraries.

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