AI data visualization for Airtable

Hi, All,

I’m building an app for generating infographics based on table data. Currently, it accepts a CSV, generates a few widgets, and exports a PNG image. Here’s a quick demo of how it works: WeterApp Demo on Vimeo

I’m considering adding Airtable integration to use the data directly without exporting data manually.

If you like the idea, what features would you like to see that’d make it most useful? This is what I’m planning to add besides integration:

  • More widget types (charts, data bars, etc.)
  • More visual options (colors, fonts, backgrounds)
  • Different layouts
  • Additional export formats

A toy version of the app is available here: I’d appreciate any feedback and happy to answer any questions :slight_smile:

Cool app! Is it limited to making graphics for social media posts, or does it have a few more use-cases?

Thanks! It can be used for presentations, landing pages, and blog articles, for instance. Do you have any particular use case in mind?

Does it get somehow auto-updated when the source data in Airtable changes? Or is it just static JPG generated from the data when it was fed into it?

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For now, it generates a static file. But I totally like the idea! The app could produce a URL that generates an image dynamically at some intervals or based on a web hook from the connected data source. This way, if you include the image on a web page, it could update automatically.

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