Is Bardeen the future of Personal Productivity?

As an increasing #no-code society of workers, Zapier has been leaned on far too many times. Indeed, it’s ideal for prototyping integrations, but it is also a substitute for the hard work in a manner that relinquishes your data and IP to another company that is very comfortable holding your business process and data hostage for more money or control.

Moving business logic, data, and other workflow dependencies into the browser is not unlike building executable desktop apps that isolate insulate us and our data and compute stack from “the man”. Even though we have not entirely moved into the double-wide prefab of Web 3.0, we long for that experience. Bardeen represents an opportunity to carve off a slice of independence and freedom. However, I’m still unclear about headless automation processes and other automation that need to run even when I’m on a paddle board at Lake Powell.

In any case, Bardeen supports a lot of Airtable integrations and is well-positioned to infuse GPT/AI into your workflows.

Bardeen. Bardeen. Bardeen.

If there is one thing that can solve the problem with scraping pages and the reversed process: filling page forms, then the AI is what should solve that I hope because till the very day I could not find any way to fill in a form data of a page based on data from Airtable/GoogleSheet etc.
My wish be the AI command.

I think AI has a bright future for anything that eliminates humans and repetition.

Oddly, while I’m not a fan of scraping or of Bardeen per se, it is an early quasi-AutoGPT. It can be used to automate tasks that use LLMs.