Web search in adding Attachment pictures no longer avail from Jan 30

hmm ,they just added the feature not a long time ago, it wasn’t google being the search provider I think and now they shut it down. I only the feature recently (or was it there whole time and was it just not seeing it?) If I knew it was there I would ise it often, all the time, in fact I am using one of the extension there to look for sample pictures and it is not ideal.

I never used the Facebook search, but the web search was useful when creating forms :man_shrugging:

Aw, man, that’s a bummer! It was really helpful for our inventory base to find quick photos of the items we need.

I think they want users to lock-in on the AI to generate images. That is however a bit costlier, but since they are going after enterprise users, it’s peanuts. I can’t even see pricing for the AI add-on. I bet they are going to charge subscription on that. Every image generated attached will cost credits and Airtable will get a percentage. Nice.