Using a Slack Channel as the Sole User Interface to a Base

I have built a product marketing / sales enablement methodology within an Airtable base. While I can connect interfaces and automations from that base to Slack channels, my desire is to have the sales team member user experience/interface happen exclusively via natural language queries in Slack. For example, a sales team member could query, “What is a good customer story for x (industry, use case, company size)” and receive back relevant content from the base in the Slack channel. My brain overheats when I try to work through the automations for this. Is it even possible?

Welcome to the community, @Gatortoad!

I don’t know if you can use natural language for that, but your use case is exactly what is designed to do.

Right from within Slack, you can type in a query and it will return Airtable records that match what you’re looking for.