Asking GPT to send text into Airtable?

I’m using GPT to learn Spanish and it is works very well for learning vocabulary and grammar and working on texts.
Wondering if there is any way to send text from GPT into Airtable. I don’t care for any interaction, just one way.
Is this something where we need Airtable GPT Plugin?
Or is there a way to do it via Zapier or Make?

Yup. Make has modules for both OpenAI and Airtable.

I’m also using Airtable to learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar. I use a custom flashcard extension.

Care to share more about how you use Airtable and GPT to learn a foreign language?

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I use it for conversation partner on a topic and ask to only provide me responses no longer than 2-3 sentences and also ask it to re-word text for me and ask me a question in return or I pick difficult reading text and then ask it to list the 20 least frequent words from the text. It often finds words I am not familiar with so I would then work one by one to ask for examples of that word, ask for synonyms and I try to ask question and use the word to have a conversation by using the word. I ask for synonyms as well and translation into other languages I speak, just for fun. This can be done with Google Translate for translation but GPT is so much easier and then it’s interactive so I can ask follow up questions. I am still manually looking up images manually but I hope I will be able to use something to look up example image for the word I want to learn. Abstract terms are not good to use with Image AI generation because it comes up with unrelated nonsense. Yeh, and then I hop over to Airtable base where I keep new words and I enter the results there one by one manually right now. Airtable produces images and these are projected in a loop on a TV screen and it runs the flash cards one by one in a loop and it shows an image and the words including explanation like flash cards. When I have time, relaxing or doing something else like cleaning I watch the words on the screen and learn. I think I could automate this more so I only focus on learning instead of typing and managing this.

Also, I wonder, (not a programmer so I imagine things easy), the trigger has to come from Airtable not from ChatGPT dialogue? I see there is basic trigger tool but still have to copy past text there. Or I would need to use Telegram to trigger ChatGPT. I don’t see ChatGPT can be a trigger. My guess is this is what they call agents and plugins for GPT will be able to do? Or ask GPT to pack it into a web hook I click on and that triggers my scenario? Or maybe just use Airtable form and I copy past the result from Chat into the Airtable form and have it trigger from there… hmm, need to think about it.

Correct. I don’t think OpenAI has any triggers.

Thanks for the explanation of how you use ChatGPT for language learning. That process sounds awesome. When I get to a higher level, I might try incorporating AI in my language learning.

You’re assuming ChatGPT is an “app”; it’s not. It’s a [demonstration] UI that can help humans express intent at a computational level.

The “app” is where you want to accomplish tasks enhanced by an AGI-enabled UI. Ergo, events occur in your app (i.e., Airtable, perhaps). That said, you then use GPT APIs to provide the UX needed to meet your requirements.

Correct. But again, plugins are simply a proxy for “app”. ChatGPT is the UI. GPT Plugins come with a lot of baggage (discussed here).

I see now. I think I am a bit ahead of time. What I would like to see is the same interface of ChatGPT inside Airtable and I would be able to communicate either by sending pre-formatted prompts based on my input in Airtable, or I would be able to intervene with it and make modifications to data that is being sent as output to Airtable before it is sent. Also I would perhaps specify, only part of the output that GPT provides will be sent. Or perhaps I will not be happy with the output, so I reword my prompt to get a better output from GPT and then once I am happy, I will allow it to be send to Airtable.

I guess this is nuts what I am asking for but this is what I would call a useful GPT collaborator. It’s going to work on the document or database with me, but I still will be able to control it and direct it.

If something like Bardeen on an Extension was able to read my clipboard, then perhaps I copy results from GPT and past result in Airtable field, but I guess it would now know to which field to copy to in Airtable, if I am interacting with multiple fields.

The scripts for GPT work in Airtable if I can get a consistent result. However, if I need to follow up with revised prompt, then it’s copy past from GPT into Airtable.

That’s what I do now.

And yes, I took already a couple of courses of how to be Prompt Engineer, so I guess everybody will be now an Engineer :innocent:

aka, a copilot. It’s not nuts. It’s precisely what I have built a few times.

You can.

No. That’s unnecessary. An Airtable “copilot” is capable of performing all the logic necessary to create a UX that doesn’t need human copy/paste.

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