Tips for Asking Questions

Include screen shots, Format formulas and scripts as code, Be polite

Include screen shots

  • Include both field values and column headings

  • For field configurations, also include a screen shot of the “formatting” tab.

  • For scripts, include the entire scripting window including side-bars, not just the code

Click for example screen shots

Format formulas and scripts as code

Use the Preformatted Text icon to format your text. This makes the code much more readable.

You can also use the backtick (`) character to format code.

For example, type …`{quantity} * {rate}` … to display …{quantity} * {rate}

If no-one replies to your question

  • Be patient. All of the people who answer questions are volunteers. Sometimes people are busy and don’t have time to answer your question.

  • Consider rephrasing your question or adding more clarifying information. You can edit your original post or create a follow-up reply in the same thread.

  • Do not create a new post with the same question.

If someone answers your question

  1. Thank the person for answering your question.
  2. Test out the answer. Some times answers don’t work the first time because we have incomplete information.
  3. Report back! If the answer is the solution, mark it as a solution. If the solution didn’t work, explain why.