Tips for Asking Coding Questions

State your platform and experience

  • Are you using scripting extension, an automaton script, web API, a custom extension, or a third party service? Each platform has its individual quirks and what works in one platform might not work in others.

  • Are you new to writing code or do you have extensive programming experience? Have you used JavaScript or only other languages?

Just want working code?

This category is for developers to reach out to each other. If you just want working code but do not feel up to writing it yourself (or learning), consider posting on the Job Board instead.

Include your code

It is very hard to answer developer questions without seeing your code.

Use the Preformatted Text icon to format your code. This makes the code much more readable.

Post enough of your code so that people can tell what you are trying to do, but not so much that people have to wade through a zillion lines to get to the point.

If you got your code from somewhere else, cite where you got it from and give credit to the original author.

Include screen shots and error messages

When taking screen shots of Airtable scripts, include the entire script editor, including any sidebars. The sidebars contain lots of useful information.

State if your code won’t run at all, it starts to run but produces an error, or it runs but produces the wrong result.

If no-one replies to your question

  • Be patient. All of the people who answer questions are volunteers. Sometimes people are busy and don’t have time to answer your question.
  • Consider rephrasing your question or adding more clarifying information. You can edit your original post or create a follow-up reply in the same thread.
  • Do not create a new post with the same question.

If someone answers your question

  1. Thank the person for answering your question.
  2. Test out the answer. Sometimes answers don’t work the first time.
  3. Report back! If the answer is the solution, mark it as a solution. If the solution didn’t work, explain why.