Taking photos into Airtable


I am trying to figure out the following application: For quality-management purposes we need to document certain procedural steps.

Ideally I could use an external webcam on our mac and smoehow take snapshots that stored directly into Airtable.

Any thoughts on where and how to begin?

I do use Make for some things, so it could be a solution through Make…

The Airtable mobile app lets you tap in an attachment field and then take photos with your camera.

Thank you, Scott. Yes, that could be a way. But it involves many operator steps on the iphone: selcting the right base, table, record, field and the aiming the camera and taking a picture. I am thinking more automated. An App that will take an Image by the push of a button on the keyboard. That image is then pushed to Airtable via Make or something along those lines.

If you are on iPhone, you could use Apple Shortcuts to automate the pocess. You can create a shortcut button (which can even be launched by Siri) to prompt the user to take a photo, and then that photo can be sent to the right base & table in Airtable (via Airtable’s API). If you have the user type in some text, you could use that to find the appropriate record too. Here’s Apple’s Shortcuts User Guide.

Alternatively, you could have the user take a photo and drop it into a cloud folder. Then, Make could monitor that cloud folder for new photos and add them to Airtable.

Thanky you. I will explore that avenue