Image import from Google

Hi I have tried a few methods but wondering if there is a more efficient way of transferring images from Google Drive to Airtable in bulk ?

One thing to be aware of is that Airtable has relatively low limits for attachments, so you don’t want to exceed their limits. So in some cases you may actually DESIRE to have your images in Google Drive, and then just link to those images from Airtable.

But if you actually need the images to be in Airtable, you could likely write a script to do this. I don’t know Javascript, so I use Make to do this.

Other people might chime in below with other ideas for you, too!

You may try to generate URLs and then populate them and then use extension to turn URLs to image attachments in Airtable.
Are you looking to see images in Airtable or what is the primary motivation. If you think Google Drive is no good, maybe try Cloudinary.