Syncing from an a third party airtable

Six months ago one our partner organizations created an airtable and shared the URL with us.

I signed up for a Pro Airtable account and imported it into my account. It great. I was able to sort, filter, add fields. It was my understanding that if our partner added or deleted records to the airtable, that my copy would also reflect those changes. But when I checked the orginal URL I received, I see there are new records that my copy does not have.

Is there some manual sync that I need to initiate? I really don’t want to add all the extra fields each time I want to export from this airtable.

Thanks for your help.


Welcome to the community, @Baerc!

You would not be able to sync their view with your base unless they turned on syncing for that view in their source base.

If so, you can add a new synced table to your base by creating a new table and choosing “Airtable base” as the source, and then you can paste in the shared view link that they gave you.

If they didn’t enable syncing on their end, then they were probably expecting you to continually go back to that URL in a web browser to view the always-up-to-date data.

If that’s the case, then once you import that data into a new base, your new base no longer has a connection to the original data anymore.


Thanks for the info.

What step(s) would the owner of the airtable need to take to allow their airtable to sync within my base? Are there differenct types of syncing? One-way? Two-ways?

Chris Baer

They probably wouldn’t want two-way syncing unless they wanted you to edit their data.

They would just need to enable syncing on their end, and then they would give you the shared view link.

Then on your end, you would just add a new table whose source is Airtable base, and paste in the shared view link.