Single automation to send a customized daily digest to different emails

I have a table of content that gets updated to a new status and I track the date of that change in a field. This table has content for many different clients (client is a field), and I want to send each client a daily digest of the items that moved into that particular stage. A digest email for a single company is not hard, but I’m wondering if I can, in a single automation, send a daily digest of the updated content for each company to that company’s contact (their email address is also a field in the record). Any ideas how I’d do this? I was thinking a repeating step, but I’m concerned that with a repeating step it’ll send 4 emails if there are 4 updates for that one company, instead of one email listing the 4 updates. Any ideas?

You can do that with the new repeating automation steps… you’ll end up performing 2 finds in your automation.

@allialosa actually demonstrated this exact methodology on this week’s BuiltOnAir podcast:

In the past, our only options for doing this would be to write a script or use an external automation tool. You could still use those options as well.

If you wanted do this in, you would use 2 search modules back-to-back, and then aggregate each client’s items together. It would look something like this:

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Thanks, @ScottWorld. The video is helpful! Here is a screenshot of how I got it working.


You’re welcome! And glad to hear you got it working!

Thanks for posting the screenshot, too! :grinning: