Selecting Field Permissions for Specific User(s)

If I set a field to be editable by a specific user when/if that user leaves the company, is it easy to know all the places this needs updated?

I see value in strategically tightening certain key fields, but I’m nervous about the manageability.

No, it is not easy to know all the places it needs to be updated.

Are you concerned that the user will retain access after leaving the company? This is not an issue as long as you deactivate the user’s account. Even if the user is still listed in the field permissions, once the account is deactivated, the user will not have access.

Or are you concerned that you will be unable to regain access after the user leaves? As long as there is still someone with creator access to the base, that person can update the field permissions. It might be a bit of a pain because you might not discover that the person needs access until they are trying to do something that comes to a screeching halt due to permissions.

If you have a business or enterprise scale plan, you can also look into using groups. That way you can set field permissions based on groups, and then just add/remove people from groups.

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