Noloco 🤝 OpenAI - AI Powered Workflows for Airtable

Hey TableForums :wave:

The Noloco team and I are so excited to launch our latest addition to the product:

AI-Powered Workflows, using OpenAI

Noloco has integrated with OpenAI, which means you can bring the power of artificial intelligence to your workflows.

You can now use your AI Assistant to help with any of the following, right from your Noloco App;

  • generating a description or drafting an email
  • summarizing long text like customer conversations
  • correcting grammar in social media posts
  • extracting keywords from emails, notes or descriptions
  • analyzing sentiment in customer feedback
  • finishing text with carefully crafted prompts

This integration means your workflows just got smarter and your productivity is set to skyrocket.

We’ve put together a demo that really highlights just how powerful this can be, check it out

Or learn more from our website:


Very cool, @darragh! :smiley: :raised_hands:

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