New features: unite your data and workflows

New update video: Unite your data and workflows | Airtable - YouTube

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Thank you, @Databaser! :sunglasses: :raised_hands:

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Wondering is this part of the same announcement they are making about the changes in the apps?
Aren’t these updates only available to enterprise plans?

No, some are available for all users, like the interface changes and the share button changes.

I had a few minutes today and decided to try to understand what it means to:

Unite your data and workflows

I’ve determined this means nothing. There’s no “there” there. Here’s why…

  • When Airtable launched its first workflow feature, it was at that moment your data was united with your workflows. I think it was 2016.
  • It’s impossible not to unite workflows with your data because workflows require – wait for itdata.
  • Workflows built using external services, by definition, must also unite with your data. Some external workflows do a better job than internal ones. And some workflows cannot be built inside Airtable.
  • This is fancy talk for marketing people who must communicate with other marketing people or buyers who are really not workflow builders or database solutions designers.

Lol, you’re so right, @bfrench!

I’m so sick of all their B.S. marketing talk at Airtable. It’s all marketing speak, all the time.

Even in their now-infamous thread, the only 2 posts from Airtable employees (i.e. the original author’s post + one reply from another employee) spoke entirely in nonsensical & nonhuman marketing language.

Wow Stephanie, she has a new picture. I remember she did pop up once and then was gone. But I don’t blame her. It’s a tightly run company unlike Twitter before Musk :wink:

Isn’t all tech marketing language non-human?

Lol, probably! :sweat_smile: