Mac users - scrolling left to right in Airtable by pressing Shift key while scrolling

I don’t know how about you but for me the biggest invention since Airtable has been finding out this great likely old feature and I am really enjoying it. What a life saver. As @ScottWorld pointed out here… It makes Airtable use so much easier. I wondering how folks on Windows PC scroll left to right, I guess there are probably utilities to do that.

You’re welcome! I’m glad that you found this useful! :slight_smile:

Although I hate to be the bearer of bad news here:

Shift-scrolling has been a part of the Mac for approximately 30 years — since the early 1990’s.

Additionally, your Mac already shipped with a mouse or trackpad that supports native horizontal scrolling (no shift key needed).

All of Apple’s mice and trackpads have allowed for native horizontal scrolling (no shift key needed) since the early 2000’s.

But I’m glad you’re finally in on the secret! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I’m not actually sure how desktop PC’s handle this, but probably similarly.)

Yah, old habits never die on MacMini. Faithful Microsoft mouse user though. When I was reading your lines … bad news… I was holding my breath. I thought your next line is going to be “Apple has decided to remove that particular feature” because that is not the way Apple wants people to use computers. Ha :smiling_imp: So I am glad they decided to keep that … for now at least.

Windows: Apparently there is still no way to scroll left to right. You have to install AuthHotKey and become Microsoft Developer in the process I guess and also you need to become volunteer to provide free technical support to Microsoft engineers.

Here is even a conversation going on without any solution to that problem

Guess even Excel seems can’t allow to that. On Windows! I know Excel Desktop on Mac has always been like a step-daughter and step-mother relationship.

In fact, you made it to my list if my VIPs :wink:

I have lost the arrow right and left buttons on my favourite K811 Logitech keyboard before the second backup unite I have would be gone too as these keys are massively overused in a spreadsheet without the use of left to right scroll.

You know how much these keyboards cost nowadays?

Whooping 500 US Dollars on Amazon. Or about 100 dollars if I can get lucky on Ebay.

They used to be about 20 dollars back in the day.

So the significance of the finding shift+scroll can not be overstated. Maybe I lived in a cave but this is probably the most important shortcut to avoid madness (at least for a smart portion of the population on Mac).

Here are some easy-switch keyboards from Matias:

I wish they have compact keyboards, that unfortunate, but I am quite fascinated by that half-keyboard. It makes me move the right hand even less. It’s for people who don’t type, just consume information. Maybe that is the AI world, where keyboards will be useless relic and at maximum needed from time to time like entering a password.