Low-Code Project Manager

InAir Studio has an open position for Low-Code Project Manager: Low-Code Project Manager | Full Time (Remote)


Thanks for sharing! I am super self-taught (thanks to all the community members for their contribution via YouTube/social media). Does anyone have any favorite channels/courses to learn?


I believe what you meant to say was

I am super, and self-taught!

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Welcome to the community, @CodedWithGrace! :smiley: :raised_hands:

Is there a specific set of skills that you are looking to learn?

In the past, I’ve taken a bunch of good courses on Udemy.com.

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Hmmm… maybe I did misplace some punctuation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Honestly not even sure. My current role led me to Airtable and this is (besides customizing basic HTML in the past) is my first go at really programming and automation. I love what it has done for my life and the businesses I work with, but I would love to continue to hone my ability to A) create meaningful and smart database structure and B) build processes and automation atop that structure in a clean and efficient way - if that makes any sense whatsoever! Ultimately, I would love to transition out of my current role into a consultative role (if it’s more fulfilling role and hopefully more lucrative, if not on par to my current salary).


@Vivid-Squid: Is this a position you posted to InAir Studio? I’m curious about the salary range for this type of role.