List your top Airtable feature requests here!

Yessss! This would be amazing and a huge game-changer.

They actually brought this feature to one isolated part of Airtable, but I can’t remember where they did it. It wasn’t very helpful because it was only in one small part of Airtable.

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Oh, I remember. It was the new Timeline view. :man_shrugging:

Very disappointing & unhelpful. Lol.

Airtable desktop:

  1. Search in Airtable in the main application view should filter instantly:

When searching for text (in Airtable search field), replicate the behaviour of the mobile app (that is filter the records in the view, rather than highlight and jump from one record to the next. The mobile app search still works that way, although it became a bit buggy in the recent updates.

  1. Allow copy the Field Order and Field Width across all views.

This is is very time consuming activity. I have several dozen views. Every time I add fields and move the new field around, I want the same order apply across all views. Right now I have to manually copy the new order to each view manually one by one. I understand some people don’t want to have same order of fields. That’s okay, but there are good reasons to have same order of fields across all views and that is a nightmare right now to achieve.

Mobile app:

Search box in the field picker

When picking fields to select in filter, hidden/shown etc, selecting the field is hard because of the large number of fields. I haver several 100 fields and selecting the field to use as filter is quasi a non-starter on mobile app. For a few fields its okay, but try to do it with 400 fields and pick the one and do multiple times for each filter.

And I am not talking about all other things I wish in the mobile app because they are plenty and I would just say I wish the mobile app works in the same way as the desktop, but that is unlikely gonna happen. So I just leave it there.

I think Airtable has improved the user interface and the overall performance has improved so that is good news.

That would be a cool option to have!

In the meantime, you can get some of this functionality with Airtable’s Search Extension, but it is an extension so the search results exist in a separate screen.

Yesss! I just needed this last week for one of my clients!

I actually needed it for about 90% of the views, so it would be nice to have a checkbox to choose which destination views should inherit the selected properties from the source view.

Disappointingly, they said a while ago that mobile isn’t their priority, only desktop. We’ve seen them follow through on this by not bringing the vast majority of their new features to mobile.

It’s disappointing, but with their recent mass layoffs and new focus on Enterprise customers, I doubt that we will see any major improvements to mobile anytime soon.

I think people who need a better mobile experience will need to custom-build their own mobile app, possibly using Glide or Bubble or hiring a website developer like @JonathanBowen of who specializes in custom-coded websites that work on both desktop & mobile.

The way I’ve handled this is to “Duplicate” the Interface. When you duplicate, it gives you the choice of copying it to any of the groups of interfaces attached to that base. Then I just delete or hide the old one.


Welcome to the community, @MLO!

Oh, wow! I didn’t know that! I’ve never tried to duplicate an interface before, so I never noticed that before!

This is a huge discovery! Thank you sooo much for pointing this out to me! :smiley::raised_hands:

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Are you both talking about the order of fields in the Interfaces? Yes that is interesting and helpful, didn’t know that.

I was talking here about the field order in the VIEWS and copying that to the other views.

He was replying to my comment here. He didn’t quote my original text, but you can tell by clicking on the little arrow in the upper right corner of his reply.

Here’s the original comment that he was referring to:

  • Interfaces: I have a ton of requests for interfaces, but yesterday, my client needed the ability to move an “interface page” from one “interface group” into another “interface group”. This wasn’t possible, so she had to recreate her entire interface page from scratch.

@MLO came up with the perfect solution to this, which is to simply duplicate an interface into another group! :smiley:

Product suggestion—create a new free “deep freeze / archive” workspace where people can store unlimited old bases. Bases in this archive workspace would be read only. They would not allow any editing, formulas like NOW() would not recalculate, no automations would run, and no syncs would update. API calls would state that the base is unavailable. This deep freeze would reduce the load on Airtable’s servers.

Bases moved out of this deep freeze would take 10-24 hours to “thaw” and become usable.


Great idea.

I second your “request” about being able to copy Field Order more easily, especially when you add new fields!

I don’t have the same field order in all views, so I wouldn’t necessarily want to copy one’s views everywhere. (Although, actually, I do generally want the same order just not field visibility.) But it would be great if you could "Copy this view’s Field Order to the following views: " with a select toggle. (So basically add a reverse mechanism to the way it does it now.)

Or there are certain fields that I always want at the end (or in a group at the end) and hidden. I would love a mechanism to indicate that.

Although to be fair, I was pretty far into developing a complex base when I discovered the ability to Copy a View’s Configuration from another view so that ability was a big leap forward in my mind!

In fact that should be an option that I can choose to replicate the field order to all views each time the view order is changed. In fact it’s a quite chaotic not having the same order of 200-300 maybe 499 fields and each view has different order :scream_cat:

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I would like the ability to format a calculated field as rich text. This includes formula fields, rollup fields, and lookup fields.

This would let us have pretty formatting (bold, italic, headings, links, etc.) in calculated fields. This would be useful for

  • merging content from multiple existing rich text fields, either across multiple fields in one record, or across linked records in a rollup
  • generating pretty boilerplate text, especially for display in interfaces

The formatting could use the existing Markdown used elsewhere in Airtable.

For backwards compatibility, referencing an existing rich text field would still have all the formatting stripped out, but rich text fields could be embedded in a new formula function INCLUDE_MARKDOWN() that would return the raw markdown that is actually stored in the field.

On the “formatting” tab of the calculated field, instead of stating that there are no formatting options for text results, there would be a choice between “plain text” and “markdown text”. Thus, all three result types (number, date, and text) would all have formatting options.

There are current workarounds for copying markdown formatted text into a rich text field using either an automation or a script. However, these methods are very clunky and extracting the formatting text from a rich text field requires scripting.


You mentioned Kanbans, I would like to add:
Would like to see the ability to edit the field used for Kanban filter directly in the kanban card view (assuming the field is editable).

For example, if the field is a check box or a single select field, I would like to be able to click it on the kanban card and that field would make the kanban card move to a different stack. That is easier than manually moving things.

[Edited this because I realized I was mistaken by something I suggested here]

Also, add a Pause / Delay step in Automation of 30 (or 90) seconds. The 30 seconds would be enough to deal with complications and unnecessary runs of automations.

This would actually save Airtable unnecessary triggers and perhaps even improve the performance for users. I am aware there is a script workaround but that will not work for me (I don’t have scripting step available on my Airtable plan).

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Need Upsert action in Automations (Insert/Create or Update the record)

Without upsert function it’s probably too many steps required to achieve same objective.

Yes, this would be very cool. You can do this with a conditional action in Airtable’s Automations, but it’s more tedious to setup & maintain. It would be nice to have it all in one action.

I was impressed that had created their own Upsert step for Airtable.

This is already part of Airtable’s kanban view.

Airtable recently added upsert functionality to the web api, so Airtable is probably aware of the desire for upsert in automations as well.

This is already part of Airtable’s kanban view.

The Check box field or Single select field is there, but can’t be clicked, instead it opens the card with the detail view for me. What I was hoping to do click directly like a task manager without opening the detail page. I know this can be dangerous for some like clicking the field to give approvals, but it’s usually harmless for reviewing things or for somebody just reading quick summary and then clicking the check-button to dismiss the card.